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Hard riding Bling practice.
photo credit  Cathy Kenzie Photography


Interested in becoming part of our family?  Please take time to read what all is required as well as the time commitment it takes to train to ride at the level of professionalism that we, as well as our sponsors expect.


Rider Requirements:

-must be 19+ years of age

-current Horse Council of BC insurance

-transportation to practice as well as rodeos for both you and your horse

-riding experience at a fast pace is a must!

-western tack and attire is required

-positive attitude and willingness to work and ride as a team

Horse Requirements:

-have a Quarter Horse style mount that has no kicking/biting issues

-that is fine with large crowds and a lot of loud noise

-that is in good shape as our practices are long and fast paced

-likes other horses close and personal

-under control at all times

We represent the Cloverdale Rodeo, held in Cloverdale, BC on the long weekend in May and Valley West Stampede, held in Langley, BC on the long weekend in September.

Practice times and locations:

-November/April - Murray Creek Ranch, Langley (weekly)

-April/Cloverdale Rodeo - Stetson Bowl, Cloverdale (twice weekly)

-July/August - Langley Riders Arena, Langley (weekly)

Bling is a volunteer team.  Our motto is 'Friendship first, without friendship and trust we ride alone'. We raise funds to cover team costs of new uniforms, camp supplies, team coffee and dinners (that are supplied at the rodeo).  Some of our current fundraisers are Neufelds Farms Meats, Skin So Soft, and a pub night Halloween party and encourage additional fundraiser ideas as well.

If you feel that you can make this commitment, we would love to meet you and your horse.  

Our open rides for tryouts for the following year are in November/December.  Please get in touch with us here.

Thanks! We will be in touch shortly.

Don't ride but have something else to offer?  Get in touch with us with a brief description of your proposal.

Bling practice
Best of friends
Heading down to the rodeo arena
Without friends we ride alone
Fast paced Bling practice
Watching the spacing
Taking a break at practice
Lets go girls
Muddy practice
Enjoying practice
Riding the pattern
Fast paced practice
Look at that spacing
Enjoying the last few rays of sunshi
Nice and straight
Rainy practice
Evening practice
Practice makes perfect
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