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photo credit  Cathy Kenzie Photography

The Cloverdale Rodeo has for many years hired the Bit-A-Bling to be our Grand Entry Team during the May Long Weekend, but also throughout the year by having this high-energy team of riders attend many social functions we host on-site, and at our own volunteer appreciation gatherings and milestone celebrations.

The entire town knows when the Grand Entry Riders are practicing in the Stetson Bowl Stadium – the bright lights of the Stadium riding arena are a beacon for the community to come out and watch. We celebrate the beauty and trusted relationship of horse and rider and their synchronized maneuvers performed for the crowds. Their attire, flair and flags reflects the Countries of our Professional Rodeo Athletes, as well as our major sponsors in front of the 25000+ spectators over the long-weekend.

The team is comprised of very successful women in career and sport. They are all high achievers and this shows in their performance. The team is very disciplined, self-sufficient and reliable.

In closing, Bit-A-Bling has represented Rodeo-related functions on our behalf and have conducted themselves in a most exemplary manner.

Brent Lang, Event Manager Cloverdale Rodeo and Exhibition

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