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Meet Our Team

Sheila is Bling's team coach.  Due to an injury, Sheila and Par (her big paint gelding) will not be riding in 2024.  She started with Bling on their initial ride in 2006 and has been coaching and running Bling since 2008.  Coming from a english/dressage background, Sheila loves the fast pace of the rodeo arena.  Sheila is a pilot with Air Canada and in her spare time, her and her husband Joe (who you will see doing everything behind the scenes) enjoy horse camping, snowboarding, pushing cattle, roping and trail riding.  Currently Sheila and Par have started competing in Mountain Trail.  Look for Sheila by the entrance gate this year.


Barb joined Bling in 2009 riding her quarter horse paint mare Lily, the feisty red head!  When work allows and farm work is done, Barb and Lily enjoy camping, trail riding, obstacle challenges and cow clinics.


Sandi has been with Bling since it's inaugural year.  She and her Paint Ben are seen here.  Sandi grooms show jumpers and in her spare time enjoys trail riding, camping with good friends and horses and spending time with her family.


Stacy has been part of the team since 2018.  Her main mount is J.B.  Their favorite hobby is chasing cans.  Stacy is a manager with Fastenal Canada.

image1 (3).jpeg

Karlee first tested the waters of Bling in 2015 when she decided to try Meet & Greet.  After that, she was hooked.  Pictured here is her mare Little Grey.  When Karlee is not riding Grand Entry, she enjoys trail riding and doing western pleasure.  Outside of riding, she plays baseball, loves the gym, helps run a dog rescue and is a project coordinator for a restoration company.


Taylor is a returning member on her Quarter Horse Cheyenne.  She started with Bling when she was just 8 years old, the year it was created and her mom rode for the team.  Back then she was the designated sparkle princess!  She stood by the team at rodeos every year with either her mom or sister Trisha.  She started riding with Bling in 2016 with our Meet and Greet.  Taylor comes from a rodeo background as her stepdad used to run chutes.


Alex joined the team with her mom Stacy in 2018.  She was part of our Meet and Greet team and has now moved up to performing with Bling on her main mount Zara.  When they are not out barrel racing, Alex likes to hang out with her friends and Zara likes to smile for treats.


Simone and her Oldenburg mare, Wazabi, joined the team in 2021.  In their spare time they trail ride and enjoy various disciplines like jumping, mountain trail, roping and cattle penning.  When she is not riding, she is cheering on her son at the race track racing carts.  She volunteers by running local horseshows for Grassroot Riders and is the Pit Boss for LQMA races.  During the week she works as a construction specialist for McDonalds.

image0 (4).jpeg

Jemma and her OTTB 10 year old horse Kenny are joining her mom Heather on the team for the first time in 2023.  Jemma is very involved in the music community at her school and is looking forward to being a part of the rodeo.


Ainsley and Canaille are excited to be a part of Bling this year!  Ainsley's owned Canaille for 10 years and they are both excited for their first big rodeo together.  When Ainsley isn't riding or at work, she's doing lashes or hanging out with friends.


This is Anna and Epona's first year on a drill team.  Normally you can find them turning up the ground at a barrel race or hitting the trails.  Anna is in the process of getting her Equine Assisted Learning Certification.


Amanda has been riding on the team with her Andalusian Diago since 2013.  She now rides a big chestnut named Chester. She has a passion for doing makeup, singing and caring for her horse, cat, dog and gecko.

DSC_2731 (1).JPG

Heather joined the team in 2018 along with her adopted OTTB Tommy,  who she got from New Stride Rescue.  She works as a RN in the neurosurgical unit at RCH in New Westminster.  A mother to 2 girls, she also hikes and is involved in numerous other equine activities as well as keeping busy on her 5 acre hobby farm. 


Terri and Mahogany, a  Arab Morgan X joined the team in 2019.  Terri works as a Metal Fabricator/Welder.  And  enjoys spending quality time with her 4 legged fur babies, family and friends.


Sydney has been riding on the team since 2022, and is the daughter of one of our long standing members, Shelly.  Last year using her horse Banjo, has switched to mom's horse Lacey.  It has been her dream to ride on the team since watching her mom for so long.  She is looking forward to starting the Cloverdale rodeo back up with  all these wonderful people!

image0 (5).jpeg

Lily and her Quarter Horse/Arab Annie are new to the team for 2023.  Being a member of Langley Riders as well, she is looking forward to spending time with all the riders and being a part of the rodeo community.


22 years ago Dani first attended the Cloverdale Rodeo.  The music started and women and horses in shiny shirts carrying flags entered the arena.  She was hooked.  Dani joined the team in 2018 along with her Paint Libby.  When not busy with her fur babies, she is busy with her son and manages the WAG in White Rock.


Tara joined Bling back in 2020 with her sister Carly.  Unfortunately covid and business opportunity stalled her plans of riding drill, but she is here now.  Tara owns and operates a local trail riding stable called Glen Valley Stables.  She rides Stella, a black and white APHA Paint.  Stella is feisty and fancy.  When Tara and Stella aren't riding drill, you can find the two of them taking folks out for trail rides.


Jessica is new to the team and you can find her at the entrance to the Stetson Bowl.  She normally rides a Chilcotin mustang named Rolo but is also training her APHA mare, Highcounty Paisley.  She is a tow truck operator, driving up to 80 ton tandems.  She now works in an office helping aboriginal childern and families.  She and her boyfriend are members of the Backcountry Horsemen as well as acting treasurer.  In her spare time, she spends time in her dog, working on the farm, hunting, hiking and boating.


My name is Rochelle and this is my first year with Bling.  I'm riding foolish Cinderella, aka Tinder, a 8 year old running bred mare.  We enjoy the grand entry speed and sparkly bums!

image0 (6).jpeg

Paige is joining Bling this year along side her mom and sister.  She spends most of her time racing quarter midget race cars but still likes to hang out with horses once in a while.  She will be welcoming all rodeo fans at the gates with our Meet-n-Greet crew.  This IS her first rodeo!

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